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Refurbished By Icon Computers

Icon Computers takes immense pride in the refurbishing journey of the electronics offered by us,
ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We believe in delivering top-
notch products that provide value as well as satisfaction to our esteemed customers. As part of our
commitment towards quality, we offer comprehensive warranty to provide peace of mind to our
customers. Our quality check procedures are as follows:

Quality Check by Icon Computers Team:

Thorough Inspection: Each refurbished product undergoes rigorous inspection to assess its overall
Component Testing: We scrutinize all internal components to ensure they are in excellent working
Performance Assessment: The product's performance is evaluated to guarantee optimal
Cosmetic Refinement: Any cosmetic imperfections are addressed and the product is restored to
new-like appearance.
Software Validation: We ensure that the operating system and software are also up to date and free
from operating issues.
Data Sanitization: All previous user data is securely wiped to protect your privacy.
Compatibility Testing: We verify that the product is compatible with a wide range of accessories and
Stress Testing: Products are subjected to stress tests to confirm their resilience under heavy usage.
Firmware Updates: We update firmware to eliminate vulnerabilities and enhance performance.
Quality Certification: Only products that meet our stringent quality standards receive the Icon
Computers seal of approval.

Warranty by Icon Computers:

To provide our customers with added assurance, We at Icon Computers offer a comprehensive
warranty on all our refurbished products. This warranty covers a specified period, typically ranging
from 90 days to one year, depending on the product type. In the unlikely event of any issues or
defects, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you promptly, ensuring a worry-free
experience with your refurbished purchase.

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